Zendocrine Detoxification Blend


dōTERRA’s Zendocrine essential oil blend is a proprietary blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils which will consist different varieties such as clove, grapefruit, rosemary, and geranium which has been studied for support of the cleansing organs of the body. The blend is formulated to be used individually or in combination with the Zendocrine botanical extract complex.

Throughout daily living of eating, breathing along with coming in contact with our environment through our skin, our bodies are exposed to numerous toxins and microbial pathogens. One of the primary functions of vital organs is to act as protective filters against such harmful agents. The largest organ of the body, the skin, has a primary protective function against toxic exposure and infection.

Listed below are the key benefits of the detoxification blend.

  • Supports a healthy cleansing and filtering of organs in our body such as kidneys, colon, lungs and our skin.
  • Supports normal self-detoxification functions of the cleansing organs.
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