Essential Oils: A Solution to Acne?

(Courtesy of Sweet

(Courtesy of Sweet

      What can essential oils do for someone with acne? Essential oils are a natural alternative to things with harsh chemicals. Doterra’s ClearSkin blend and face wash are an easy fix for someone looking for a quick and effective way to get rid of pimples. Another way to banish acne is to make a blend of essential oils yourself. You can combine melalueca (for its antibacterial properties) with frankincense (promotes cellular health and reduces the look of scars) and lavender (for its soothing and calming effects). You can adjust this depending on your needs and skin type, but an even amount of each oil in a small rollerball will get rid of blemishes in no time.

Healthy From The Inside Out

Take a look a this interesting video: “Join Dr. David Hill and Justin Harrison as they discuss the new 30 day cleansing model.”

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Got A Bad Sunburn? Try Essential Oils

Image Courtesy of graurrazuanionut/

Image Courtesy of graurrazuanionut/


Suffering from a bad burn? Try a few drops of melaleuca and lavender in a small spray bottle, and spritz on for instant relief.

  • 3 Drops Melaleuca (To disinfect and keep away bacteria)
  • 3 Drops Lavender (Too soothe and diminish redness)
  • Fill the bottle halfway with water.

See? Easy. 🙂

Pro Tip: Get Makeup Stains Out Of Carpet With 90% Rubbing Alcohol


Image Courtesy of Maggi Smith/

Image Courtesy of MaggieSmith/


Got mascara on your nice carpet? No worries! You can clean makeup stains (like mascara and eyeliner) with regular 90% rubbing alcohol. It won’t bleach your carpet, but test in an inconspicuous area first. Good luck!